Andy’s Works have been Published in the Psychology of Sports and Exercise, Autism

As a full-time academic, Andy, one of our Vice-Presidents, has been devoting most of his time in conducting motor learning in children population, including both typically developing children and children with developmental disabilities.  Over the past two years, Andy worked mainly on the internal focus and external focus of attention in assisting children to acquire object control skills (e.g. dart throw, beanbag throw) in more effective ways. One of the major findings is that, focus of attention instruction should be given in such a way to match children’s conscious propensity (i.e in a simple word, personal tendency to focus internally or externally).  His works have been published in international peer-reviewed journals (e.g. Psychology of Sports and Exercise, Autism).  Andy believes that these findings can provide insights to sports coaches and physical education teachers to design a better instruction protocol when they coach children (either with typically development or with developmental disabilities) in real-world settings.

作為一位全職學者,副主席謝采揚(Andy)主要研究兒童運動技能的學習,對象包括一般兒童以及有發展障礙的小孩,過去兩年,Andy的工作主要圍繞於如何透過內在和外在集中去提升兒童的物件控制技能(如擲飛標,扔豆袋),而其中的主要發現是指示應只著重於內在或外在其中一方面,並不應該同時給予指示。Andy的研究成果被刊登於國際性的期刊中(如Psychology of Sports and Exercise, Autism)。Andy 相信他的研究能夠為教練以及老師帶來一些啓發,於教導正常的或有發展障礙的兒童上能夠更有效率,給予的指示更加清晰明確。