PURE Fitness has invited Karen, one of our Vice-Presidents, to be a collaborator of their latest “Welcome to the Zone” Campaign to share her professional knowledge on sport and exercise psychology concepts such as flow state and the benefits that come with it.

PURE健身中心曾邀請本會其中一位副主席–盧綽蘅(Karen)合作共同推廣他們的最新企劃「Welcome to the Zone」。 Karen在企劃中擔當顧問的角色,為健身中心提供專業知識以及運動心理學的概念,如流暢狀態等,大家可以從以下影片了解更多此方面的知識。

Karen’s applied practice in sport psychology has also extended to other performance realms.  She has recently been invited by Vocational Training Council to conduct a series mental skills training workshops for students leading up to the upcoming World Skills 2017 in Abu Dhabi, by the HK Academy for Performing Arts to work with their full-time dancers, and also by corporate firms, including the China Citic Bank International, in team building training.


Karen also attended the Copenhagen Summit on Mindfulness and Acceptance Approaches in Elite Sport in April 2017.  There were Sport Psychologists from 15 countries in attendance – including experts from the Danish Elite Sport Federation, Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sport, Swedish Olympic Committee, Swedish Sport Confederation, Swizz Federal Institute of Sport, Irish Sports Institute, Israel Olympic Committee, Australia Institute of Sport, and the United States Olympic Committee.