Dr. Henry Li


Henry is a full-time Senior Sport Psychology officer in the Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI). He is a registered psychologist in the Hong Kong Psychological Society and Psychology Board of Australia. He provides sport psychology consultation services to elite athletes in HK within HKSI. His research interests includes mindfulness in sport, applied sport psychology intervention, and self-identity.​

Henry 現於香港體育學院任職高級運動心理主任。他是澳洲心理學會以及香港心理學會註冊會員。在體育學院為專業運動員提供運動心理諮詢服務。另外他的學術研究範圍包括正念(mindfulness),用運動心理治療以及自我認同。

Ms. Karen Lo

(Programs & Courses)

Karen is the founding director of Inner Edge Ltd., the leading private Sport and Performance Psychology company in HK. She is the first Consultant in the greater China area certified by the Association of Applied Sport Psycholog, the world leading organization for Sport Psychology Consultants. She works extensively with athletes of all ages, level and backgrounds. Her current and previous clients range from youth to national level, from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Mainland Chinese record holders to American and Canadian National Collegiate Athletic Association (Division 1) athletes to high school performers in air pistol, basketball, dance, fencing, lacrosse, lawn bowls, marathon running, rowing, rugby, soccer, swimming, tennis, boxing, track and field, trail running and windsurfing. She is a guest lecturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and an adjunct lecturer at the Education University of Hong Kong. For more information please visit her company website here.

Karen 是大中華地區第一位美國應用運動心理學會認證的運動心理學家,亦是 Inner Edge 香港私人運動心理諮詢公司創辦人。她的服務涵蓋不同層面,包括不同專項的業餘運動員以至專業運動員作個人諮詢,亦有不同學校、表演團體、公司企業邀請她舉辦團隊工作坊。她現於香港中文大學及香港教育大學分別擔任客席講師及兼職講師。欲知更多詳情可前往公司網頁了解更多。

Ms. Angela Hau

Vice-President (Membership) & Treasurer

Angela is a full-time Sport Psychologist officer in the HKSI. She is also a registered Psychologist of the Hong Kong Psychology Society. She provides Sport Psychology services to Hong Kong elite athletes. Her research interests include applied sport psychology intervention, as well as gender  and cultural differences.

Angela 現於香港體育學院擔任全職運動心理主任,她亦是香港心理學會的註冊會員,在體院為專業運動員提供運動心理諮詢服務。另外她的學術研究興趣包括應用運動心理治療以及運動心理學在不同性別、文化的應用。

Mr. Wong Tak Shing


Wong Sir is the Department Head of Physical Education in Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College. Besides coaching his own students, he had been the coach (middle and long distances) of the HKAAA Hong Kong Junior Squad (1996-1998) and has been coaching the CityU Standard Chartered HK Marathon Delegation Running Clinic since 2008. He had also been the lecturer of the HK Coaching Committee Level 1, 2, and 3 Coach Accreditation Programme (Sports Psychology) from 1997-2014.


Mr. Jiang Xiaobo

Secretary General

Xiaobo is a full-time Senior Sport Psychologist officer in the HKSI. He is also a registered Psychologist of the Hong Kong Psychology Society. His main job is to deliver Sport Psychology services to elite athletes within HKSI. His research interests include mental skills training within Chinese cultures. 


Dr. Roy Chan

Committee Member

Dr. Roy Chan is an Associate Professor in the Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary.  He was the Founder of HKSSEP and the President of our Society for 8 years, and now sits as part of our Executive Committee.  He was an Associate Professor in the Chinese University of Hong Kong for 16 years.  He has consulted with top athletes and teams in Hong Kong and China for the past 30 years, including world-class athletes ranked top 5 in the world. He has worked with athletes in fencing, golf, basketball, football, rock-climbing, track-and-field, lawn bowls, badminton and swimming. He also consults with businesses in executive Life-Coaching. He is one of the few Sport Psychologists in the world who specializes in Sport Hypnosis.


Dr. Si Gangyan

Committee Member

Dr. Si Gangyan is the past President of International Society of Sport and Exercise Psychology. He is the head of Sport Psychology Department of HKSI.  He has been in the field of applied Sport Psychology for over 30 years, and has delivered sport psychology services to high profile athletes of HK and Mainland, China. He is the only Sport Psychologist of Hong Kong Olympic Delegation from 2004 Athens Olympics to 2012 London Olympics. His research interests focus on cross-culture issues, adversity coping model of sport psychology, mindfulness and mental training.

姒剛彥博士是前國際運動心理學會會長,亦是香港體育學院運動心理學部的負責人,他從事應用心理學家已超過30年,經驗豐富。 他的服務對象遠至於中國國家級運動員。從2004年至2012年的奧運他是唯一受聘於港協暨奧委會的運動心理學家。他的研究興趣為跨文化研究, 逆境面對, 正念以及精神訓練。