The 14th World Congress of Sport Psychology

From July 10-14, 2017, the ISSP (International Society of Sport Psychology) 14th World Congress of Sport Psychology was held in Seville, Spain. The theme of the congress is “the integration of science and practice through multicultural bridges, gender and social equality”. Researchers and practitioners in sport psychology and related disciplines from every region of the world attended this congress. Some colleagues of Hong Kong Society of Sport and Exercise Psychology (HKSSEP) also participated in this congress. Our colleague Dr. Si Gangyan, as the president of the ISSP, started this congress. Our HKSSEP colleagues (Mr. Alan Chu, Mr. Su Ning, & Dr. Huang Zhijian) attending this congress shared their research interests and results with the researchers and practitioners from different regions of the world through the forms of workshop, symposium, and poster. In addition, there was also a big good news that Dr. Zhang Chunqing was presented the “Developing Scholar Award” in this congress. This congress was a very great and successful international event of sport psychology, it contributed to the science and practice of sport psychology and related disciplines. Through attending this congress, our HKSSEP colleagues had a good exchange with the international peers from different regions, and let the outside know more about the sport and exercise psychology of Hong Kong.

Congratulations to our member and fellow Sport Psychologist, Dr. Zhang Chunqing, for being rewarded the “Developing Scholar Award” from the International Society of Sport Psychology in the 14th World Congress to be held in Spain in July 2017!

恭喜我們的會員–張春青博士獲國際運動心理學學會 (International Society of Sport Psychology)頒授傑出學術發展獎(Developing Scholar Award),張博士會於本年7月遠赴西班牙參加第十四屆國際運動心理學學會聚會並領獎,就讓我們共同分享他的喜悅!