HKSSEP is a professional interest group comprising a group of professional Sport and Exercise Psychologists in Hong Kong.  We aim to educate the public throughout the promotion of Sport and Exercise Psychology, and to provide a platform for the general public to reach out to professionals, and utilize their services.

There are two types of Sport and Exercise Psychologists in Hong Kong:
1. applied practitioners, and
2. researchers.

Applied practitioners work in both public (Hong Kong Sports Institute) and private sectors.  There are currently applied practitioners working with elite athletes within the government-funded Hong Kong Sports Institute.  We also provide a limited number of private practitioners for non-elite or tier-A athletes* who also wish to utilize Sport Psychology services.

Our researchers are lecturers or professors in a variety of Universities in Hong Kong, including University of Hong Kong, Education University of Hong Kong, and Baptist University of Hong Kong.  Our researchers are all doctorate or PhD holders from prestigious Universities who are currently working in Sport and/or Exercise psychology related research.  

​If you would like to contact us for inquiries, potential partnerships, courses or for a full list of our Sport Psychologists, please contact us. 

*non-elite or non-tier A athletes are those that train outside the Hong Kong Sports Institute. 



1. 應用運動心理學家
2. 研究為主導的運動心理學家

應用運動心理學家分為公眾(於香港體育學院服務)以及私人執業兩種,他們除了為專業運動員 (香港代表隊、青年軍等) 提供服務之外,亦會有少部分私人執業的運動心理學家為本地非專業或非精英運動員提供運動心理學的諮詢。