We are pleased to announce that an A1 course will be held on April 6-7, 2019. The duration of the course – Practical Techniques in Sports Psychology – A1 Course is 12 hours in total.

Please note the following: 

  1. Our courses are divided into three levels: A, B and C (please refer to the leaflet below for all level courses for more information).
  2. “A1” is the first half of level A.
  3. All the courses offered by HKSSEP are accredited by the Asia South-Pacific Association of Sport Psychology  (www.aspasp.org/).
  4. All of our courses are conducted in Cantonese. Participants must be Secondary 3 level or above to attend.

Participants can sign up with the following link:  goo.gl/Cgy6HX
Early bird discount: HKD2,000 (deadline: March 6, 2019). 
Original price: HKD2,200 (deadline: April 1, 2019). 

​We hope to see you there!

我們將於2019 年 4月6-7日開辦 A1課程!

  1. 課程為「實用運動心理學技巧A1 課程」,將為期 2日(共12小時)。
  2. 所有香港運動心理學會課程都受亞洲暨南太平洋運動心理學會(www.aspasp.org/)認可。
  3. 課程分為 A、B、C 三級(可以參考 www.hkssep.org 課程簡介)。今次課程「A1」,為等級 A 上半部。
  4. 課程將會於中文為教學語言。參加者必須具中三或以上學歷。

如對是次課程有興趣,可到 goo.gl/Cgy6HX 連結報名。