Although it is only a small department (normally consists of four teaching staff) in CSK, the P.E. Department usually can have many achievements in sports each year since the establishment of the school in 1969. Such accomplishments undoubtedly are the results of consistent efforts contributed by CSK boys and all the teachers-in-charge of different inter-school sports. Honorable mention must be given to Mr. O'Brien, our former P.E. Panel Chairman, who had served CSK since the school was established. Under his leadership, our teams had received banners, trophies and medals which were too numerous to count. Special thanks must also be given to our Principals, present and past, and Bro. Eugene, F.S.C., (1926-1994) in particular. Without their support, our teams would not be able to have such achievements that make any CSK boy proud to be a member of our teams.

P.E. Teachers

Teachers-in-charge of Sports